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*Average price includes bike, game drive, most of the meals and accommodation  (for 1 person for 4 nights/5 days). 
Price for an additional passenger around 990 Euros. Subject to final quotation.

Total: approximately 1130 km  

Collins' Lion farm : walk with lions/ Horseback Safari (option) (1h00 –  75 km)

Take a relaxing and out of the ordinary ride for this 1st day. Go walking with young lions and observe their nature and habits. Experience the feeding of majestic adult lions and interact with the young cubs and why not get up close to wild animals in a private game reserve on a superbly trained horse with knowledgeable and dedicated guides.

Night at Collins' farm.

Road from Cullinan to Dullstroom (2h30 – 230 km)

Dullstroom is a small town in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, and along with Underberg, it is one of South Africa's premier flyfishing destinations. The town features the highest railway station in South Africa at 2,077 metres above sea level as well as at the foot of De Berg, the highest point in the province at 2,332 metres. This city and the surroundings areas are well known for their fishing farm and their breathless Mountain landscapes.

Road from Dulstroom to Pilgrim’s Rest (1h30 – 115 km) 

Pilgrim's Rest is situated on the magnificent Panorama Route on the eastern Escarpment region of the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. The entire town of Pilgrim’s rest has been declared a national monument. Here, visitors can relive the days of the old Transvaal gold rush.

On 22nd September 1873 Pilgrim's Rest was officially proclaimed a gold field and the scatter of tents and elementary shacks soon grew into a flourishing little village complete with sturdy brick houses, shops, churches, canteens, a newspaper and the well-known Royal Hotel. Within a year there were 21 stores, 18 canteens, 3 bakeries and all sorts of other interesting establishments. Interestingly, the diggers called it Pilgrim's Rest because here, at long last, after so many failed dreams they had truly found their home.

Today, Gold Panning is still supported and practiced by people from all races, genders and ages. There is plenty to do and experience here. From exciting curio and craft shops to fascinating historical sights, one can never be bored. Interesting historical sites include old church buildings, namely Sacred Heart Church, St Mary's Church, Methodist Church and Dutch Reformed Church, Dredzen Shop and House Museum, Historic Cemetery, Joubert Bridge, Digging Museum & Gold Panning and the Printing Museum.

There is an abundance of gorgeous arts and crafts shops where one can purchase pottery, stained glass, weaving, hot glass and even custom crockery. Other exciting activities include horse riding, bird watching, hiking, mountain biking and golfing. The Mount Sheba Nature Reserve boasts a series of outstanding walks offering spectacular scenery.

There never was a more beautiful or romantic spot to have a gold rush than Pilgrim’s Rest. This spectacular area is richly imbued with a diversity of natural, cultural and historic gems. The uniqueness of this historic village is vividly evident in its museums and historic sites. The beauty here is unsurpassed. Pilgrims Rest offers all visitors a fascinating look into the past and captures the spirit of a former era and its people in their quest for gold. It is definitely well worth a visit.

Night in Blyde River Canyon.

Discovery of the Blyde River Canyon (ride at leisure – around 3 to 4 hours)

The Blyde River Canyon is a significant natural feature of South Africa, located in Mpumalanga, and forming the northern part of the Drakensberg escarpment. It is 25 kilometres (16 mi) in length and is, on average, around 750 metres (2,461 ft) deep. While it is difficult to compare canyons world-wide, Blyde River Canyon is one of the largest canyons on Earth, and it may be the largest 'green canyon' due to its lush subtropical foliage. It has some of the deepest precipitous cliffs of any canyon on the planet. It is the second largest canyon in Africa, after the Fish River Canyon, and is known as one of the great wonders of nature on the continent. Possibly the best view in the whole of the Blyde River Canyon is of the "Three Rondavels", huge, round rocks, thought to be reminiscent of the houses or huts of the indigenous people, known as rondavels. This canyon is part of the Panorama Route. This route starts at the town Graskop and includes God's Window, the Pinnacleand Bourke's Luck Potholes.

We recommend lunch at Potluck Boskombuis Restaurant

Night in Blyde River Canyon.

Blyde River/Kruger Park – Sabi Sand (2h00 – 110 km)


Night in a luxurious game lodge in Kruger Park.

Kruger Park/Johannesburg (6h00 – 470 km)