FAQs: Self Drive Tours


Self Drive Tours FAQs

Is there a tour deposit, if so, how does it work?

For self-drive tours totalling more than EURO 1.000,00 and booked more than 90 days before the pick-up date, a minimum deposit of 20% is due at time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full 90 days before the pick-up date.

  Where can I store my luggage while on tour?

For Roundtrip tours you are welcome to store any suitcases/luggage at our SteelriderS office. Luggage storage will not be possible for one way tours.

What happens if there is a bike breakdown?

In the event of a bike breakdown you must call us for assistance. We will be responsible for creating a solution to get you back out on the open road. This may include asking you to bring the bike to the SteelriderS location or repair shop; sending a team to provide assistance; or replacing the bike. We will find a solution!

Will I receive my first choice bike, is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately bike choices are not guaranteed due to factors outside our control. The majority of our riders receive their first bike choice however, at the time of booking we required two choices to be provided.

What is in the guide book and are there any other options for route guidance?

The guide book is your route guidance while on tour. The book will include route suggestions, points of interest, and paper maps. We also have GPS units available.

Is there insurance included with the bike?

SteelriderS has comprehensive accident cover for its bikes, as well as professional indemnity and Motor Personal Accident Insurance. We do however recommend that you secure your own cover for accidents and repatriation.

What happens if the weather is too severe to ride?

Weather conditions are not guaranteed for our Self Drive Tours. SteelriderS cannot be held liable for any unpleasant and unsuitable weather conditions. No refunds shall be granted for such conditions.

When do I have to pay for the Self-Drive Tour?

For self-drive tours totalling more than EURO 1.000,00 and booked more than 90 days before the pick-up date, a minimum deposit of 20% is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance must be paid in full within 90 days before the pick-up date. For amounts less than EURO 1.000,00, a full payment can be made at the time of booking, or within 60 days from departure.

What is a Self Drive Tour and what is included?

Our Self Drive Tours are a packaged tour that includes your bike rental, hotel accommodations, and route suggestions. Please see our Self Drive Tours webpage for a full list of what is and is not included with our Self Drive Tours.

Is breakfast included?

Breakfasts are typically not included with our Self Drive Tours however, certain hotels will provide breakfast with the room. We will not know if breakfast is included until the hotel is confirmed.

Do you provide airfare?

No, airfare is not provided.

Can we customize an existing tour or create a completely custom tour?

Yes! One of the advantages of our Self Drive Tours is that they are completely customizable: you are welcome to modify an existing tour, and we can help you create your own custom Tour, just contact us at fs@steelriders.co.za

What is the difference between a Self Drive and Guided Tour?

The main difference between SteelriderS Guided and Self Drive Tours is the support structure. Guided Tours have fixed departure dates, ride in large groups (6-10 bikes, 12-20 people) along a set itinerary, led by a Tour Master, and may travel with a luggage/support vehicle. Self-Drive Tours are for smaller/individual groups, and they are much more flexible with day-to-day routing, often allowing for a greater sense of freedom, independence, and accomplishment.

What is the difference between a Self Drive Tour and bike only rental?

With a Self Drive Tour your bike, hotels, and route suggestions will be arranged by SteelriderS. As its name implies, with the bike only rental only the bike will be arranged by SteelriderS and you will be responsible for arranging hotels and routes on your own.

What are the requirements to participate in a Self Drive tour?

In order to participate in our Self Drive Tours you must meet the following requirements. Driver must be 21 or 25 years of age or older, depending on the model of bike selected. Driver must have a valid, unrestricted motorcycle license. Driver must process a valid credit card.

If I have a restricted motorcycle license can I still ride on a tour?

Unfortunately no, in order to ride on a Self Drive Tour you must have a valid and unrestricted motorcycle license.

What kind of hotels are included in the tour and can we have a hotel list?

The hotels we use are booked based on your initial request and availability and we will not know the exact hotel until it is confirmed. However, the hotels we typically use are 3-star, motorcycle-friendly properties. Examples of hotels we have used in the past are Holiday Inn, City Lodge or Road Lodge as examples. We can also request higher-star properties for a surcharge depending on the location. Small towns often only have 3 star properties or less (B&B) and booking a higher star hotel may not be possible. Typically higher star properties can be booked in larger towns or cities. We do also focus on authentic lodging and venues generally, in order for you to get the best impressions of South Africa.

Can we book pre and post tour nights?

Yes, we can easily add extra days to the beginning or end of your tour.

Can we change the hotels/itinerary once the tour is booked as well as while I’m on tour?

Prior to starting your tour we may be able to change your hotels and itinerary depending on availability. If we are able to make a change, a surcharge may be applied. Unfortunately changing your hotel while on tour will not be possible. Your hotels are booked in advance and once your tour has started it will not be possible to change hotels.

Are there set departure dates for Self Drive Tours?

Our Self Drive Tours do not have any set departure dates and you are welcome to start your tour any day of the week, just let us know well in advance.

What happens if I need to cancel my tour?

In the event you need to cancel your tour we try to refund as much of the tour cost as possible however, it is not guaranteed. Typically if you cancel 60 or more days prior to your tour start date we can refund some of the amount. If you cancel within the 60 day window it is less likely that the total amount will be refunded. Cancellations are addressed on a case-by-case basis.