Accessory rental & extras

To complete your travel experience, you're welcome to make use of our selection of options, accessories, and extras. You can add those to your comments once you started  securing a booking via our Rental Booking form or our Tour Booking form.

GPS: you can select a GPS or bring your own. If you chose the GPS option from SteelriderS, we'll make sure it is installed on your bike before you depart. It is advisable to use a GPS in South Africa, as there are many areas in between cities with no cellphone reception. Please specify if you prefer a GPS or if you'd prefer us to provide a cellphone bracket

Tour Masters: See our Tour Masters page. We've carefully selected senior and experienced individuals, all of whom are bilingual. Let us know if you want to be accompanied, and your Tour Master preference as long as possible before your departure date, in order that we may inform them and ensure their availability. Tour Masters can manage up to 8 bikes, so if you travel as a group, you can share the costs of course.

Dual saddle, backrest, windshield: Most of our Touring and Softail category bikes come with dual saddles, backrests, and windshields. Occasionally some models may not be fitted with those accessories. Let us know if you're travelling alone or with a passenger in your booking form, and if you'd prefer for us to install those ahead of time. 

One Way fee to Cape Town (included in Tours, not in Rentals): You'll notice that we propose some tours (Route 62 and the Two Oceans) which will take you from Johannesburg to Cape Town. As our head office and rental location is in Johannesburg, we will need to bring our bikes back, and will charge you a one-way fee in order to be able to do so. If you're renting only, please keep it in mind when you have selected your tour in the booking form.

Pick up and drop off from Airport: If you wish to be collected or dropped off from the Airport in Johannesburg or Cape Town, we'll charge you EURO 80.00 per fare for a minivan, which can accommodate up to 8 people, so if you're travelling as a group, you can share the costs!